Texas Governor Greg Abbott Calls On Industry To Curtail Use Of Power Due To Severe Weather

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We are sharing our partner Texas Chemical Council’s alert regarding a request, issued today from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Governor Abbott is calling for all industrial electricity customers to curtail power consumption to the lowest possible level or shut down if at all possible, unless you are transporting gas or exporting power.  Governor Abbott emphasizes that this is a critical situation and  has indicated that he will single out companies if they continue to make products after the issuance of this request.  If you are an air separator producing industrial gases vital to health and safety, you are excluded from this request.

Please take this seriously and make every effort to safely shut down operations or idle as needed.  As we get further information or updates, we will pass them along.

Hector L. Rivero, President
Texas Chemical Council
1402 Nueces St.
Austin, TX  78701