Protecting Our Community from Storm Surge

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EHCMA supports the coastal barrier system to help protect the Houston/Galveston community from a storm surge or sub-tropical rain event that could have a harmful impact on our community and economy.

We continue to work with universities to find a solution that is technically feasible, economically sound, environmentally friendly and socially equitable. State funding is crucial for studies to advance the development of a coastal barrier system which would provide comprehensive protection to the people, industries, businesses, schools, government facilities, residences and associated infrastructure within the Houston/Galveston region.

EHCMA and Texas A&M have been working together to help create a coastal atlas to showcase the effects of possible storm events. It is a comprehensive online, interactive database ever compiled about the Texas coast. The Coastal Atlas offers comprehensive information about every area of the Texas coast down not only to the city block, but also to an individual house or lot on that block. It is valuable for its comprehensive content and for its simple but powerful data and graphics combinations.

In short—A picture is worth a thousand words.