PetrochemWorks – Industry Best Practices Document – November 2018

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Industry Best Practice Recommendations

While safety is always at the forefront of every Industrial and Petrochemical initiative that is generated from East Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA) and Associated Builders and Contractors of Greater Houston (ABC), it has become apparent that some practices could better serve the industry if they were studied and streamlined, thus the advent of the PetrochemWorks Steering Team. PetrochemWorks was established to bring further alignment between the owner and contractor community, integrate industry‐wide messaging to speak with one voice, and remove identified barriers so that a career in the industry is more attractive and attainable. The past year has seen landmark work by the PetrochemWorks group, a collaborative effort between the members EHCMA and ABC.

PetrochemWorks operates as a Steering Team with six owner and five contractor representatives. Eight subcommittees operate under the guidance of the Steering Team, each tasked with a unique set of goals and expectations. Most recently, two of the PetrochemWorks Subcommittees – Onboarding and Training ‐ have completed their sets of best practices and presented those to the Steering Team for approval.

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PetrochemWorks Best Practices Recommendations – November 2018