Pasadena Citizens’ Advisory Council (PCAC)


History: First met in January 1991.

Number of plants: 18

Number of community members: Approximately 15 + visitors

Facilitator: Diane Sheridan

Secretary: Tiffany Miller

Contact information: or 


Meetings: Monthly except June, July, and late December. Two fourth Tuesdays followed by a fourth Thursday from 5:45 – 7:30 pm. By Zoom or at First United Methodist Church in Pasadena. Meetings are open.


  • Industry and community will work together to educate the community about what “industry” is, their operations, and what they do for the community.
  • Community and industry will work together to improve industry’s understanding of community concerns. Concerns could relate to worker and community health and safety, risks and impacts from living near industry, emergency preparedness, economic issues, aesthetic issues, the relationship between jobs and education and the needs of Pasadena.
  • Industry will share its operating philosophy with the community so the community can assess industry performance and work with industry to bring about changes to improve the quality of life in Pasadena.

Most common issues of interest: Health, safety, environment, emergency management and communications, hazmat transportation and workforce development.

Most recent issues of interest (chosen in structured Program Planning process):

  • Communications of plant events by plants, cities and county and across county lines, including the Lubrizol odor event
  • Impacts on plants from hurricanes, freezes and COVID 
  • Annual emissions report 
  • Annual worker safety report 
  • Harris County’s new air monitoring programs 
  • Innovations in safe transport of hazardous materials in various modes of transportation 
  • Channel Industries Mutual Aid
  • How plants reduce and control emissions 
  • Effects of pollution on health 
  • Plant turnarounds and the need to communicate with the community about them 
  • Flood control and prevention in the city, from hurricane surge, in plants and by plants 
  • Tours