Citizen’s Advisory Council to La Porte Industry


History: First met in February 1990. Oldest Responsible-Care CAC in east Harris County. One of the largest in US.

Number of plants: 43

Number of community members: Approximately 30 + visitors

Facilitator: Diane Sheridan
Facilitation Associate: Tiffany Miller

Contact information: or


Meetings: Monthly except June and July. December party. First Tuesdays from 5:45 – 7:30 pm by Zoom or at varying locations. Meetings are open.


  • Awareness, understanding, appreciation
  • Open and honest communication between community and industry
  • Forum where Plant Managers share both good news and bad about plant operations
  • Mutual understanding through education
  • Continuous improvement as plants learn community needs and expectations

Most common issues of interest: health, safety, environment, emergency management and communications, hazmat transportation, workforce development, hurricane surge prevention

Most recent issues of interest (chosen in structured Program Planning process):

  • Communication of plant events by plants, cities, county and across county lines
  • Critiquing response and communications to 4 Summer 2021 plant events
  • Impacts on plants from hurricanes, freeze, and COVID
  • Annual report on emissions.
  • Annual report on worker safety
  • TRACER weather and air quality study, based in La Porte
  • Harris County’s new air monitoring program
  • Coastal Texas Study recommendations
  • Warehouse regulations
  • Workforce needs
  • Traffic and adequacy of roads
  • Hazardous materials transportation
  • EHCMA’s new director and strategic plan
  • Tours