Bay Area Community Advisory Panel (BAYCAP)


History: Organized in the late 1980s as the Bay Area Risk Communication Committee, a pilot program of the Texas Risk Communication Project. Became a Responsible Care® type CAP in February 1996 after others were formed in East Harris County.

Number of plants: 25

Number of community members: Approximately 35 + visitors

Facilitator: Diane Sheridan
Facilitation Associate: Anne Gowan

Contact information: or 

Meetings: Monthly – 4th Wednesdays, 5:45–7:30 pm, by ZOOM or at Armand Bayou Nature Center. Meetings are open.

BAYCAP is a voluntary organization providing an ongoing, open forum for face-to-face dialogue between sponsoring industries and the surrounding communities. Its purposes are to:

  • Build relationships between community and industry with candid yet mannerly dialogue focused on information sharing and issue resolution
  • Share community expectations for the industry on specific topics such as health, safety and environment; as well as quality-of-life issues including education and the economy.
  • Learn about industry activities that may impact communities, such as incidents, expansions, shutdowns, safety, disaster preparedness, permit applications, plant involvement in the community, economic development and hazardous materials transportation.

Most common issues of interest: health, safety, environment, emergency management and communications, hazmat transportation, workforce development, and “groundscrapings.”