Outreach Areas, Community Advisory Panels & Citizens Advisory Councils


EHCMA Outreach Areas, Community Advisory Panels & Citizens Advisory Councils

EHCMA Outreach Areas Industrial Area Associations LEPCs Cities / Communities CACs / CAPs
Baytown Baytown Plant Manager Network Greater Baytown LEPC Baytown, Mont Belvieu, West Chambers County Baytown CAP
Bay Area Association of Bayport Companies (ABC) Southeast Regional LEPC Taylor Lake Village, El Lago, Seabrook, Nassau Bay Bay Area CAP; Seashore CAP
Deer Park Deer Park Outreach Group Deer Park LEPC Deer Park Deer Park CAC
Houston Houston Outreach Group Greater Houston LEPC Houston Houston CAP
La Porte La Porte Plant Managers Network (LPPMN) La Porte Morgan’s Point Shoreacres LEPC La Porte, Shoreacres, Morgan’s Point CAP to La Porte Industry
North Channel North Channel Outreach Group North Channel LEPC, Jacinto City LEPC, Galena Park LEPC Cities: Parts of Houston; Jacinto City; Galena Park.Unincorporated communities: Channelview, Sheldon, Cloverleaf. Fire Departments: Sheldon, Cloverleaf, Channelview, Highlands, Crosby CAP to Lyondell and Equistar (LyondellBasell Channelview plant sponsors; Galena Park-Jacinto City Community-Industry Partnership)
Pasadena Pasadena Outreach Group Southeast Regional LEPC Pasadena Pasadena CAC


Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs)

LEPCs are another close partner of EHCMA with which our members are actively engaged.  Created by federal law in 1986, there a number of LEPCs in Harris County. LEPCs focus on the development, training, and testing of local emergency response plans for hazardous materials incidents and educate local residents about what to do during an emergency event. A typical LEPC includes industry representatives, emergency responders, elected officials, school and medical personnel and community residents. All LEPC meetings are open to the public.  Click here to view the area of the “Ready Harris” website where you can view information about the LEPCs in our coverage area.



Community Advisory Panels & Citizens Advisory Councils

Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) and Citizens Advisory Councils (CACs) are forums for dialogue between community and industry about plant-related issues of community interest or concern.

How CAPs/CACs address issues:

  • Periodic facility updates: Members choose depth, format and frequency.
  • Major topics: Program Planning to select topics members most want to address in the coming year.
  • Annual reports: Plant emissions, based on Toxics Release Inventory and Texas Air Emissions Inventory, Worker Safety, Emissions Events.

How CAPs/CACs help:

  • Provide a forum to discuss issues constructively.
  • Build trust person-to-person, not institution-to-institution.
  • Eating together, table topics, meeting breaks, small group discussions, get- better- acquainted parties, booths at community events.
  • Reflect the spectrum of views in the community: boosters, bashers and the “guardians” in between.
  • Increase community familiarity with industry and provide an opportunity for the public to have an influence on industry.

See the complete list of CAPs and CACs in East Harris County below and click to view the profile and fact sheet for each one: