NAPTA / AFPM Blog Post

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What a headache. This is the thought we all have at some point stemming from the stress of work, or the blue light emitting from our screens. In the case of the NAPTA (North American Process Technology Alliance) Troubleshooting Competition participants, a headache might come from striving to be one of the best process technology students in the country – a standing that would position them well for an exciting, complex and in-demand job in the fuel and petrochemical industries.

To fight a headache, we may reach for a bottle of aspirin and rarely think of the fuels and petrochemicals that went into making it. From the bottle, to the pill’s coating, there is a reliable manufacturing process that make it all possible. At the heart of this process stands a person that troubleshoots complex issues, works well in teams, and safely reacts to stressful situations. Enter the process technician.

Please see below the blog post link from Adam Ali, Manager of Workforce Development with American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, Washington, DC.   Adam shared this blog with EHCMA about his experience at TSC III.