HRM Releases 2021 Air Quality Trends Report

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Houston Regional Monitoring (HRM), one of the largest privately sponsored ambient air monitored networks in the United States, has been monitoring air quality in the Houston Area for over 30 years to better understand the extent, causes, effects, and abatement of air pollution.  HRM recently released their Houston Regional Monitoring (HRM) 2021 Air Quality Trends report which can be found here.  The report covers data on ozone, particulate matter, highly reactive volatile organic compounds, benzene, and 1-3, butadiene from samples of outdoor air taken in 2021 and also shows trends over a number of years and at specific air monitors.

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Sent by Victoria Clifton, EHCMA, on behalf of:

Anne L. Gowan
Facilitation Associate
Bay Area Community Advisory Panel (BAYCAP)