Harris County Homeland Security & Emergency Management Partnership – Regional LEPC’s

Harris County faces a wide array of potential threats, from hurricanes and severe flooding to hazardous materials incidents and active shooter situations. Some of these disasters are forecasted with several days’ notice, but many happen without warning.

EHCMA and Harris County Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOEM) work in close partnership to provide EHCMA members, federal, state and local agencies and the community with resources, information and support before, during and after emergency events that affect our area.  “Ready Harris” is a website created by HCOEM to provide information, resources and guidance to the public, non-profit and private sectors.

One of the resources that can be found at the “Ready Harris” website is information on Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC).

LEPCs are another close partner of EHCMA with which our members are actively engaged.  Created by federal law in 1986, there a number of LEPCs in Harris County. LEPCs focus on the development, training, and testing of local emergency response plans for hazardous materials incidents and educate local residents about what to do during an emergency event. A typical LEPC includes industry representatives, emergency responders, elected officials, school and medical personnel and community residents. All LEPC meetings are open to the public.  Click here to view the area of the “Ready Harris” website where you can view information about the LEPCs in our coverage area.

You can also contact EHCMA for more information and support regarding LEPCs and the HCOEM website resources by clicking this link —-> Contact Us.