January: National Mentoring Month

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January: National Mentoring Month January is National Mentoring Month, an annual initiative to promote youth mentoring in the United States.

Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth, and are critical to the development of young people. According to mentoring.org, one out of three young people will grow up without having a mentor through a formal program, family or the community.

EHCMA fully supports National Mentoring Month as it directly aligns with its mission to “make good” in the community. One of the many ways that EHCMA’s 130 member companies are making good is by mentoring young students who are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

In 2016, EHCMA members:

  • Mentored local elementary students through the Peer Assisted Leadership (PAL) Program
  • Wrote to more than 100 elementary pen pals
  • Spoke to almost 1,000 young students about their interests in the petrochemical industry and how East Harris County’s industry supports the local, national and global economy
  • Hosted more than 300 local high school students at plants to help them learn more about STEM

EHCMA stresses the importance of mentoring young students who are interested in STEM because they are the next generation of the workforce and future of this growing industry. These students benefit from hearing from successful workers if they are interested in options other than a four-year college, such as a career in the petrochemical and manufacturing industry.

Even though National Mentoring Month is quickly coming to a close, EHCMA views it as the beginning of a yearlong effort and is excited to continue supporting our members’ mentoring efforts in the future. To learn more about EHCMA’s dedication to making good in the community, visit EHCMA.org or read EHCMA’s quarterly newsletter. Follow EHCMA on Twitter and Facebook for #makinggood Fridays, a weekly highlight showing how EHCMA’s members are giving back to the community.

For more information about National Mentoring Month and to find out how you can become a mentor, visit mentoring.org.