EHCMA Brings New Workforce Tool to Industry, Launching May 25th

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Last fall, EHCMA partnered with JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) on an exciting initiative that tackles one of the most pressing challenges facing the Petrochemical industry today – development of a knowledgeable and qualified workforce.

As part of their 5-year, $250 million workforce skills gap initiative, JP Morgan Chase agreed to work with EHCMA and CAEL, a non-profit focused on facilitating meaningful learning and skills training for adults, to create an industry-specific version of their national skills gap platform. The website,, will serve as the pilot for a larger program that addresses the issues unique to the energy and petrochemical manufacturing industry.

“It’s a way to leverage technology to light up opportunities,” said Shawn Hulsizer of CAEL. “More than half of American employers say that lack of skilled workers is the reason that so many jobs are going unfilled.”

Launching later this month, will help students and job seekers identify opportunities in Houston and East Harris County. The website helps applicants looking for interesting career opportunities in Houston by using a matchmaking mechanism to align skills, competencies and interests with careers in the industry. Using information gathered through a short survey, the website identifies a person’s compatibility with over 50 petrochemical job positions.

Each position is broken down to show the participant how each opportunity aligns with their interests, skill level and education. The website offers local training and education options along with Houston area employers and job openings.

The platform also features career maps, which will help candidates identify opportunities for advancement within careers, and connect them to the right certification and training programs.

Additionally, the website also gives industry members the opportunity to feature their brand, products and personality to applicants in a way that highlights the petrochemical industry as a rewarding career option.

The website is launching at the end of the month and EHCMA is thrilled to see its contribution to the development of a knowledgeable and qualified workforce.