EHCMA and TCC Reflect on 30 Years of Safety

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This year, EHCMA’s 30th anniversary as an industry organization coincides with Texas Chemical Council’s (TCC) and Association of Chemical Industry of Texas’ (ACIT) 30th anniversary of the Environmental, Health and Safety Seminar, which takes place every first week of June. To honor both milestones in the industry, EHCMA and TCC are reflecting on 30 years of safety in the industry and community.

EHCMA and TCC share many of the same members and both organizations prioritize safety and sharing best practices in our Gulf Coast community. Industry organizations like EHCMA and TCC bring together peers from competitive companies to share best practices and experiences that will help make the industry safer.

“One of the most rewarding things is when someone shares an experience and other companies can take that back to their facilities to make a process safer,” said Hector Rivero, President & CEO of TCC, “That is something that has evolved over the last 30 years that we should all be really proud of.”

EHCMA and TCC have a strong collaboration between their shared memberships to compare notes and work together to drive safety best practices. Continued collaboration, education, research and development will make our systems safer. A couple examples of collaboration between these two organizations are the CAER Line and increasing participation in local emergency planning committees (LEPCs).

“We are proud of the industry’s dedication to safety. It’s always top of mind to make sure we’re taking care of the industry’s workers and the community. Our partnership with TCC has been invaluable over EHCMA’s history in helping us ensure our members are being safe and adhering to safety best practices,” says Craig Beskid, executive director of EHCMA.

“We value our working relationship with EHCMA and have a great deal of appreciation and respect for the work EHCMA does at the local level, which provides strong support for our communities and local officials,” said Rivero.

Both EHCMA and TCC are committed to continually identifying technology and using lessons learned to help drive a perfect safety record. Together over the last 30 years, the number of injuries has reduced significantly. The goal for the next 30 years is to continue increasing the safety of the job in this industry.

To learn more about EHCMA’s dedication to safety, view the safety section of Sign up for TCC and ACIT’s Environmental, Health and Safety Seminar in Galveston’s Moody Gardens here.