CAPLE: Sign-Up for Reverse 911 to receive emergency notifications

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Please feel free to share this with all by whatever method you communicate i.e. Facebook, Nextdoor, phone, text, person to person, etc.

Reverse 911 provides emergency officials the ability to send emergency alerts to unincorporated Harris County residents and businesses via a cell phone, Internet phone, text, and landline phones.  Alerts are issued by local jurisdictions and sent to a small portion of the community for situations such as a shelter-in-place and evacuations.

To increase the effectiveness of the system, residents are encouraged to register their wireless devices, digital or VoIP phones, as only conventional (hard/landline) phone lines are automatically entered into the system.

To learn more, or to register your wireless device visit:

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Sent by Victoria Clifton, EHCMA, on behalf of:

Anne L. Gowan
Facilitation Associate
Community Advisory Panel to LyondellBasell & Equistar (CAPLE)