New DATES for CEC Manual/E-Notify/CAER Process Training

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New DATES for CEC Manual/E-Notify/CAER Process Training

Due to Hurricane Harvey we have rescheduled the training process for the new Enotify/Caerline integration. The processes for communication between EHCMA facilities and Responsible Agencies have undergone a major transformation. The existing platform will be phased out this year. As we move to new technology for incident communications, we have streamlined the process to make responsible agencies and the public aware of situations that occur at industrial facilities. Part of this includes changing the CAER Line from a manual phone system to a completely online system. All current users of the CAER Line and e-Notify will need to attend one of the training sessions, as displayed in the attached flyer.

Please note that e-Notify/CAER Administrator training will take place at the morning sessions each day of training. Only system administrators should attend the morning sessions. Note that more than one 2-hour session will be offered on the same date.

To register for the training, visit

Updated E-Notify-CAER Training Schedule 9-13-1