Our Contributions

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Change starts at the local level and EHCMA is proactive in its efforts to help improve and promote our region through initiatives that benefit the communities where we live and work.

Making Good on our Commitments
In our more than 25 years as an organization, the East Harris County Manufacturers Association has been committed to Making Good in our community and for our industry. As companies, and as people who live and work in these communities, we strive to operate safely and bring a higher quality of life to our neighbors and employees through above-average wages, community contributions and local economic stimulus opportunities. Our industry’s strong tax base also provides millions of dollars to the community every year through taxes, payrolls, purchases and capital expenditures.

Our member companies are dedicated to giving back to the community through monetary donations and volunteerism. Combined, our organization donates more than $26 million every year to support our local communities with educational programs and other non-profit initiatives. More than 2,800 member employees volunteer an estimated 280,000 hours each year. Members volunteer tens of thousands of hours each year to programs right here in our community – from helping clean up bayous and bays, to tutoring and mentoring our community’s children.