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EHCMA’s core structure begins with our hardworking committee members who volunteer their time to support our organization’s initiatives in the areas of workforce development, legislation, the environment, safety, security and the community.

Making a Difference
In order to better serve the needs of our members and community, the East Harris County Manufacturers Association has developed committees that focus on specific activities and critical issues for our industry and stakeholders.


  • CIMA
    • The mission of the Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) is Mutual aid response in fire fighting, rescue and first aid and manpower and facilities among Houston Ship Channel industries for mutual aid in case of emergency situations
    • Committee Chair – Joe Reynolds – CPChem
  • Community Relations
    • The mission of the Community Relations Committee is to provide communications and community relations support to EHCMA programs, projects and issues.
    • Committee Chair – Michael Ashton – ExxonMobil
    • Committee Vice-Chair – Jeff Lichon – Dow Chemical
  • Emergency Management
    • The mission of the Emergency Management Committee is to advance collaboration, coordination and communication between industry in East Harris County and local emergency management leaders in order to promote preparedness, enhance safety and raise community awareness
    • Committee Chair – Jeff Suggs – Kuraray
  • Environmental
    • The mission of the Environmental Committee is to benchmark successful environmental practices between member companies. The committee addresses special projects as requested by the association’s board of directors
    • Committee Chair – Caryn Brooks – LyondellBasell
  • Legislative
    • The mission of the Legislative Committee is to provide the EHCMA Board and member companies with opportunities to develop relationships with local, state and federal elected officials, and to participate in advocacy initiatives organized by the Texas Chemical Council and the American Chemistry Council.
    • Committee Chair – Chris Hext – Lubrizol
  • Security
    • The mission of the Security Committee is to benchmark and communicate best security practices to members, in association with local, state and federal law enforcement. The committee also serves as a rapid and effective conduit of information between law enforcement and companies and aims to reduce the likelihood of adverse effects on employees, community and the environment due to criminal acts.
    • Committee Chair – Gary Scheibe – Shell
  • Transportation and Logistics
    • The mission of the Transportation and Logistics Committee is to engage in local and statewide transportation and logistics issues. Use member resources to represent EHCMA positions. Communicate developments and issues to members
    • Committee Chair – Scott Campbell – LyondellBasell
  • Workforce Development
    • The mission of the Workforce Development Committee is to address the inequities in the number of manufacturing and refining jobs available and the number of workers qualified to fill them. The committee also focuses on industry awareness by educating students, teachers and educators at all levels about professions within the field.
    • Committee Chair – Roy Watson – CPChem