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The East Harris County Manufacturers Association (EHCMA) is a coalition of 115 plant sites at the largest petrochemical complex in the world, managed by corporations dedicated to providing jobs, upholding environmental standards and providing a better quality of life for their neighbors in and around the Greater Houston area. EHCMA member companies span 10 cities, seven outreach areas and three ports. They represent 25,000 employees and drive the area economy with a $12 billion impact through taxes, payrolls, purchases and capital expenditures.

Making Good in East Harris County and Beyond
Since our founding in 1987, we’ve grown into the largest network of its kind in the world. Our member companies have facilities in Houston, Deer Park, Baytown, Pasadena, North Channel and La Porte. They transform natural resources into the materials needed to make many essential consumer products such as cosmetics, gasoline, jet fuel, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, electronics, building supplies, household goods, clothes, plastics, automobile parts and thousands of other everyday items that are a part of your daily routine.

Making Good on Our Promise
For our members, neighbors and everyone living and working in the Greater Houston Area, we are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety, security, environment and economic well-being of the petrochemical, refining and manufacturing industry. We’re continuing to raise awareness about the economic value and benefits we bring to the region and to the world.

The industry in East Harris County: